Bitcoin Block Data Shows Top 5 Pools Retained Over 71% of the Global Hashrate Last Month

The month of May has ended and in the past 30 days, 4,276 Bitcoin ( BTC ) block rewards have been found. 26,725 newly minted bitcoins were created out of the 4,276 blocks rewards. Although the network’s hashrate is above the 200 EH/s zone for the longest time, Bitcoin’s block height of 734,577 was an all-time record. According to data, it was at 275.01 EH/s that day.

According to statistics, 16 bitcoin mining pools have mined Bitcoin in the past 30 days. Stealth miners (also known as “unknown”) captured approximately 1.03% of hashrate over the last month. There were 44 blocks that unidentified miners extracted from the 4,276 discovered, earning 275 newly minted bitcoin. Further data shows that the top five Bitcoin ( BTC ) mining pools received 71.4% global hashrate in the last month.

Foundry USA received the highest block rewards, representing 21.02% of global hashrate. Foundry received 899 Bitcoin block rewards from the 4,276 rewards. It was also able to obtain 5,618.75 newly-minted bitcoins. In terms of the top five largest bitcoin mining pools according to hashrate, Foundry is followed closely by Antpool (14.27%), F2pool (14.27%), Binance Pool (10.87%) and Poolin (10.85%). The global hashrate last month was close to three quarters across all five of these mining pools.

There are a few factors that could affect the distribution of hashrate, and one is BTC. The market cycle appears to be in a bearish mode, and the value BTC could drop lower which could lead to smaller mining pools. The halving of blocks is also taking place in 700 days. This means that mined blocks will now pay 3.125 coins per block rather than today’s 6.25 Bitcoin per block rate.

The month of July will see two new models from Bitmain and Microbt, which produce between 126 and 140 terahash per seconds (TH/s). These two new models are more efficient than many of the current machines and will be available to pools that have access to them.