Most Salvadorans have already ditched their national bitcoin wallets

According to , the National Bureau of Economic Research published last month a paper showing that El Salvador’s national Bitcoin wallet, Chivo, was a failure. This study is the first non-governmental effort to quantify the country’s success with cryptocurrency. The nonprofit was based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and surveyed 1,800 households in urban areas as well as rural areas. The unbanked are […]

Luxury Italian Retailer Michele Franzese Moda Reveals Fashion Brand Accepts Crypto Payments

According to the company’s fashion blog, Michele Franzese Modea will accept Bitcoin (BTC) as well as a variety of crypto assets for items derived from its luxury catalog. The announcement posted states that the luxury brand is ready to accept cryptocurrency and that e-commerce and Android customers will soon be able to use digital currencies to make purchases. Michele Franzese Moda currently […]

Binance Suspends Transactions With Russian Mastercard and Visa Cards

Binance will no longer be able to process Mastercard or Visa transactions made in Russia starting Wednesday, March 9. This is the reason why Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, has been suspended by the U.S. payment processing companies. In line with policy changes made by the two financial service corporations, […]