Elon Musk Says Tesla Likely to Accept Bitcoin Again

Elon Musk appears to have changed his mind regarding bitcoin. Yet again. SpaceX’s billionaire founder said that Tesla would accept bitcoin again after it dropped the cryptocurrency due to environmental concerns. Musk stated that bitcoin was shifting towards renewables. However, there was no evidence in a livestream discussion with Jack Dorsey at the B Word Conference. Musk […]

$7.5 Billion Hedge Fund Investment Manager Predicts Incoming Bitcoin Supply Shock

Troy Gayeski is co-chief investment officer at SkyBridge Capital and senior portfolio manager. The hedge fund has $7.5 billion under management. He believes that a Bitcoin supply shock could be coming. Gayeski stated that on-chain signals indicated that’strong holders’ have been accumulating bitcoin again and plan to keep it for longer periods. These holders are buying […]

El Salvador Bitcoin move will put pressure on network: JPMorgan

JPMorgan, the American megabank, continues to criticize El Salvador’s legalization of Bitcoin ( BTC), warning about the risks for the cryptocurrency and for the country. Bloomberg Sunday reported that a JPMorgan expert group, led by economist Steven Palacio, released a report suggesting El Salvador could adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Experts stated that Bitcoin is […]

Why China Is Cracking Down on Bitcoin

China has intensified efforts to control its cryptocurrency industry in recent weeks, prohibiting crypto mining operations and directing major banks to not do business with crypto firms. On Tuesday, the government took action against a company that was allegedly offering cryptocurrency-related services. The authorities cancelled the business registration of the company and warned all financial and payment institutions […]

South African Regulators Reportedly Fast-Tracking Crypto Regulatory Framework

A report indicates that South Africa’s financial industry must be aware of the potential risks associated with cryptocurrency. They will also be expected to properly price in these risks. The report includes Kuben Naidoo (CEO at Prudential Authority), a regulator of the banking sector, who explains how the drafting process will unfold. According to the CEO: We are working […]