Is Bitcoin Worth Investing In? Read This To Know

For those who have no idea what the hype is all about, a quick Google search for “Bitcoin” will bring up a wealth of information. From the government’s stance on the matter to a great number of online forums on the subject, you’re sure to find plenty of information to be found on this hot […]

What are Types of Virtual currency? Completely described Here

There are many types of virtual currency, and the most commonly known are virtual dollars and virtual currencies such as PayPal and Venmo. If you’re thinking of getting into the virtual currency market, you need to know the difference between the two to get a good idea of how they can benefit you. Most people […]

Security Guidelines for Bitcoin Exchange Markets

Security guidelines for Bitcoin exchange markets are a must have for any new user, especially the exchange market, as this is a high risk environment. With the increase in cyber crime in the last few years, security has been of the highest priority for the industry and by following these guidelines, any new user of […]