You can now get paid in bitcoin to use Twitter

Twitter announced Thursday that users will be able to tip their favourite creators using bitcoin.

As a testing feature, the company introduced tipping back in May to help creators earn money from followers for content they share on Twitter. The company announced that the Tips feature will be available globally for all Apple iOS users starting this week. It will also become available for Android users within the next few weeks.

Users could previously tip with fiat currency via traditional payment methods such as Square Cash app or PayPal’s Venmo. Twitter will integrate Strike’s bitcoin lighting wallet service, so creators can get bitcoin tips. Users will be able to add their bitcoin address in order to send and receive cryptocurrency tips.

Twitter doesn’t take any cut of money sent via its Tips feature.

It is not surprising that Twitter has integrated bitcoin into its tip feature, given that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter is one of the strongest supporters of cryptocurrency.

Dorsey tweeted in the last few months that he was trying to mine bitcoins. He stated that he believes bitcoin is the most important thing to work on and even claimed that he hopes bitcoin will bring world peace.

Twitter also announced Thursday that it is testing a feature that allows users to authenticate their NFT digital assets and display them on the social media network. Although the company didn’t provide any details or specifics on this blockchain project, it said that it was another way to support digital artists.

Twitter announced that it will launch a creator fund to help users host Spaces audio rooms. This is a way to encourage more live audio events. The company introduced Spaces last year. This feature allows users to chat and hear other users in audio-only virtual spaces. The company hopes that the fund will encourage more people to host live audio events via Twitter.