Popularity of Altcoins Dampens Bitcoin Payments: Report

Since the 2009 birth of Bitcoin, an estimated 7,000 additional cryptocurrencies have been created and are currently in circulation. Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency, but there have been other cryptocurrencies that have become more popular in recent years. Altcoins are cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin. Altcoins such as Ether, Litecoin and Dash are quickly gaining popularity […]

Close to $50 Million in Bitcoin From 2011 Moved for the First Time in 10.5 Years

A address was created on Wednesday, July 10, 2011 at 11:22 (UTC). It contained 500 bitcoin ( Bitcoin). On Wednesday, the was transferred for the first time in 10.5 year. Another wallet was created the same day in 2011. distributed 500 BTC, which is more than $23,000,000 at the time. A wallet containing 40 Bitcoin, worth $1.8 Million was transferred on August 12, 2011. […]

Visa launches crypto consulting services in push for mainstream adoption

Visa has launched new advisory and consulting services to assist its clients in the cryptocurrency world. Wednesday’s announcement by the payments processor stated that its crypto advisory service, which is housed in its consulting and analysis division, will provide advice to retailers, financial institutions, and other firms on everything, from the rollout of crypto features to […]

How to buy Cryptocurrency in India

How to Buy Cryptocurrency In India: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are a hot topic in India. According to ANI, the Standing Committee on Finance heard industry experts’ views on issues related to ‘cryptofinance’. Sources said that there was consensus that regulation is necessary. According to PTI, the Centre will likely introduce a bill regarding cryptocurrencies in […]